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Our Waiting Room Sculpture

Many of our patients and visitors to the office wanted more information about the classic style paper sculpture adorning the waiting room wall, so here it is:

While visiting the St. James Art Fair a number of years ago, Dr. Weeter talked with one of the artists and eventually commissioned her to do the paper sculpture for the practice.

He wanted to capture a classical elegance that tied into our inclusion of a wide range of patient populations, including women, men, and children.

This paper sculpture was molded and shaped over various forms, echoing the significance of the word plastic in our specialty of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Plastic comes from the Greek word plasikos which means to mold or shape.

The artist, Ann Johnson, worked under the name F.B. Fogg and lived in Muncie, Indiana. Her works ranged from whimsical paper clocks in the shape of animals, to paper floral arrangements, to large-scale figurative sculptures, such as ours. She is no longer producing pieces.

The Associates in Plastic Surgery Office Sculpture